Opportunties to Lounge

    Good N Plenty

    SMoCA Lounge Program Coordinator Tania Katan (right) with a Good 'N Plenty event award winner.

    Band, There is Danger

    GOOD 'N PLENTY Artist Award Audience

    Paul Wilson

    Happy Audience

    SMoCA Lounge audience members enjoying story-performers from the popular monthly Lit Lounge event.

Lit Lounge: a monthly series where some of the most talented writer/performers in the nation share true stories fused together with live  music! Here’s what it looks like to Lit Lounge.

Parlor Games for Art! with Paul Wilson: Artist Paul Wilson will indulge us with an evening of fun but also expects us to delight him! Improv, charades, guessing games and dares are all possible. An original work of art is at stake.

Good ‘N Plenty Artist Awards: a community-funded grant for local Creatives. Here’s how it works, for the price of a ten dollar event ticket, community members get to stuff their faces with sweet treats from a local bakery, listen/watch six creatives present zesty projects, and then vote for their favorite project of the evening! The project with the most votes is awarded the Good ‘N Plenty Artist Award, which is comprised of that evening’s ticket sales and proceeds from Parlor Games for Art! with Paul Wilson. Awards range from $500 – $1,000. Here’s what it feels like to be Good ‘N Plenty. Click here if you would like to submit a proposal to the Good ‘N Plenty Artist Award.

Deadline for Proposals: October 11, 2015