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    Good N Plenty

    SMoCA Lounge Program Coordinator Tania Katan (right) with a Good 'N Plenty event award winner.

Good ‘N Plenty Artist Awards: Submissions are Now Open!

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What is a Good ‘N Plenty Artist Award? 
Good ‘N Plenty is a community-generated award to support the projects of innovative art makers, wise-crackers and trailblazers based in Arizona. It aims to put the FUN back in fundraising one grant at a time! Inspired by the likes of FEAST in Brooklyn, MCA Denver’s Mixed Taste and PechaKucha, Good ‘N Plenty infuses food ‘n humor and brevity ‘n innovation into one yummy fundraiser for AZ Creatives right here in the SMoCA Lounge! Here are some of the projects this award has funded: TMoCA, The Happy Campers, Related Records, and Ann Morton’s Street Gems.

How Good ‘N Plenty Works:
For ten bucks community members get to stuff their faces with sweet treats from a local bakery, watch up to 6 Creatives present zesty projects and then vote for their favorite project of the evening! The project with the most votes is awarded the one ‘n only Good ‘N Plenty award, which is comprised of that evening’s funds and proceeds from Arm Wrestling for Art. and…the pot gets sweeter with Scottsdale Public Art (SPA) MATCHING funds raised by the community as part of the new SPA initiative: SPARK Grants. For every 10 bucks you give, Scottsdale Public Art will MATCH it!

The six Creatives are selected by a panel of professionals in various fields including, but not limited to: social workers, performance artists, locksmiths, writers, educators, butchers, bakers and, of course, candlestick makers.

Good ‘N Plenty awardees will not have to present a less-than-entertaining lecture in the museum on what they did with the grant. Instead, they are obligated to invite community members to see what it is they are doing on location. For example, if a grantee’s projects is site-specific, she/he will invite community members to lace up their boots, and follow her/him through the Superstitions Mountains, to the airstream where her/his prickly pear installation resides. We aren’t suggesting you do that, but if you do, we will consider it.

*Note: Grantees of the Good ‘N Plenty agree to permit SMoCA to photograph, film and/or video funded projects and use the resulting photographic materials together with any images or materials provided by the Grantee in connection with this grant without restrictions or royalties paid to the Grantee by SMoCA.

What Good ‘N Plenty is Looking for
About a month before each GOOD ‘N PLENTY, we will post a call for submissions. The application process is painless. Encouraging an element of fun ‘n freedom that other awards might not be inclined to offer; the panel of professionals will choose six projects to be presented at the event based on the following criteria:

Conceptual Richness
Does the idea stand on its own whether or not it is ever made? Is it a compelling project? Groundbreaking? Necessary?

Baked /Half-Baked

Is this project one that you’ve given thought, research, time and energy to or just 4:20-ed it in? We are interested in the former, the forming of ideas, the time they take to bake a great idea.

Does this project do good for someone, some thing, an entire community, a movement, an idea?


What will be the impact of this project? Will it address the concerns and interests of the community that is funding it?

The “FUN” in Fundraising
Like any good aesthetic experience, humor has the power to show audiences how two disparate things coming together can create a new meaning; how does your project use humor to reframe the way we see the everyday?

Who can apply for this award?

Good ‘N Plenty invites innovative art makers, wise-crackers, trailblazers and all other Creatives to apply.The Good ‘N Plenty grant supports ideas outside of an artist/comedian/activist’s ordinary practice and encourages discipline mash-ups.


What if my school/museum/theatre/church wants to apply?
This grant is ONLY open to individuals.

Does my project have to take place inside of Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA)?
No. In fact, if your project requires the use of SMoCA, chances are it will not be chosen. This is an award that challenges you to think outside of formal spaces.

I can’t make it to the event can I still apply?
No, sorry. You have to be present at the GOOD ‘N PLENTY event to present your project.

If I am a part of the “panel of professionals” does that mean I can’t apply for this award?
Yes and No. Yes, you can, but only after one year from the date that you were a part of the panel of professionals.

I applied for Good ‘N Plenty but was not selected. May I apply again?
Totally! Keep on applying! We are keen on optimism.

I live outside Arizona can I apply?
No, but we still like you. Please move to Arizona and apply.

I don’t like leaving my house, can I just make a donation?
Sure! Email [email protected] for more information on how you can contribute to the GOOD ‘N PLENTY Artist Award.

*Note: The project is open to all artists. Selection panelists, City of Scottsdale employees, Scottsdale Cultural Council employees, Board Members, Volunteers, and their immediate family members and those residing in the same household are excluded from participating in this project

How to Submit a Proposal
Do you have an idea that is so innovative it just might fail? Ever thought that your art could create a new art movement? Got a creative way to heal complicated relationships with space, time, landscape, communities, or institutions? Sense of humor?Then a Good ‘N Plenty award could be for you!

Depending on attendance at the event, a Good ‘N Plenty award is about $600-$1,700. The best projects are those that are process driven and not easily quantifiable. So think big and let this small grant help you along the way! Also, consider your audience, please. Projects are more likely to get votes from the community if they can see what the heck you are proposing. If your project is selected to be presented at the Good ‘N Plenty event, make sure it is clear, concise, fun, engaging, performative, and atypical! You will have 6 minutes to wow your pastry-filled audience!

Submission Timeline:
April 1, 2014 Submissions Open
August 1, 2014 Submissions Close at 12:00p Arizona Time
August 7, 2014 Finalists Announced (up to 6)
August 29, 2014 Good ‘N Plenty Event from 7:00-9:00p at SMoCA Lounge (inside Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art). Tickets will be $10.

Submission Guidelines and Application

How to Submit: Please answer each question individually. Include all answers and image in one PDF document not to exceed two pages in length.
Submit your PDF via email to: [email protected]
Subject Line: Good ‘N Plenty Grant/Application.

1. Title Page: Name, Address, Title of Project, Phone Number, and Email.

2. Project Description: (200 words max.) Is it a dance-party, flash mob, shared meal, an installation?

3. Allocation of Funds: (200 words max.) How will you use the award to move your idea forward? Buy supplies? Pay for therapy? Hire drag queens? Create a performance venue in your backyard? Please be specific.

4. Why: (200 words max.) Why is your idea so important that it needs to be in the world? Who cares? Other than your mother?

5. One Image: Include one image that best describes the way this project makes you feel.

Notification: You will be notified ONLY if you are one of the six Creatives selected to present your project.

Please Do Not: Email or call for updates on your application.

Acceptance: If your project is selected as one of the six, you will present your project at the Good ‘N Plenty event on August 29, 2014 to a hungry audience! Please prepare a short presentation (6 minutes max, we have a gong and we will use it) and remember to make it dynamic! It can be a performance, a song with images, a juggling-lecture, heck, get your mother to present if you think the audience will like her more! Your goal is to get people excited about your amazing idea!

The Awardee: If your idea wins, you get a big, cartoony bag with dollar signs on it at the end of the event and we’ll mail you the check after we’ve added up all the proceeds.

Ownership of Proposed Projects
: The Creatives maintain all ownership of their proposed projects. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art claims no responsibility or ownership for/of projects proposed to the Good ‘N Plenty grant. This grant is not an exhibition or commission for/by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Submit Applications to: [email protected]

*Note: Applications sent after August 1, 2014 at 12:00pm Arizona time will not be reviewed.

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SMoCA Lounge Programs
SMoCA Lounge Programs are designed to make arts and culture accessible, challenging, and fun. Check them out:

  • Lit Lounge (*usually) fourth Friday of every month is the award-winning, highly-charged story-performing series where the most engaging writers and performers in Arizona—and the nation—share funny, compelling, and true stories fused together by live music!
  • Arm Wrestling for Art is a large-scale arm wrestling competition and fundraiser where community guests get a lesson in arm wrestling from a fitness expert, a lesson in art from a curator, and then sweat it out to win an original work of art. This event features art made specifically for the competition from celebrated artists including Eric Fischl, Mayme Kratz, Peter Bugg and James Marshall (a.k.a. Dalek). All proceeds from the event’s ticket sales go towards the Good ‘N Plenty Artist Award.
  • “Tania Katan is doing her best to put some muscles into the Valley’s performance scene. Arm Wrestling for Art works for people who go both ways—lefties and righties—and even those who are biceps-questioning.”                              – Bill Wyman, Al Jazeera arts and cultural critic
  • Good ‘N Plenty is a community-generated award that supports the projects of innovative art makers, wise-crackers, and trailblazers based in Arizona. For $10, community-guests enjoy sweets from a local bakery, watch six artists in diverse disciplines present their projects, and then vote for their favorite project! The project with the most votes wins the award which is comprised of that evening’s ticket revenue & proceeds from Arm Wrestling for Art. Only in its second year, Good ‘N Plenty has given over $5,000 to fund everything from a museum in someone’s backyard to a Title I elementary school teacher’s after-school songwriting program.